Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor video: max settings at 2560x1440 on LPC

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We first got to play Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor in May, but back then we weren’t playng it on the almighty destroyer we fondly call the Large Pixel Collider. With the resolution at 1440p and all the settings on ultra, we wanted to see just how good decapitating orcs could look.

Ed. note: Where's our review? Coming soon! You may see reviews of the PS4 version going up today. All reviews were under embargo until now, but because we received a PC copy of Shadow of Mordor just a few days ago, we need a little more time. We've asked our reviewer to stop sleeping, but apparently it is necessary to live. Our verdict will be up soon. For now, enjoy Tom's masterful swordplay. —Tyler Wilde

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