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Microsoft's Xbox One Elite wireless controller is on sale for $127

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For games that play better with a controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless is the best luxury option, in our opinion. It's also expensive, as you might expect, though you can grab one today for less than $130.

It's on sale at Rakuten (formerly for $127.49, after applying coupon code SAVE15 at checkout. That applies to both the black and platinum white color options, the latter of which is a bit harder to find without a jacked up price tag.

This controller doesn't dip to the $130 mark very often, and very rarely does it ever fall below that mark. On Amazon, for example, the black model currently sells for $139.99, and the white model goes for $170.82 (via a third party seller). This is a great deal on one of the best controllers for PC gaming.

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Microsoft Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller | $127.49 (opens in new tab)
This luxury controller features swappable parts and robust companion software for mapping. It's sturdy, configurable, and beautiful. Use promo code SAVE15 for the full discount. Buy at Rakuten (opens in new tab)

If you're not interested in paying extra for a premium controller, the regular Xbox One S controller with Bluetooth support can be had for $39.91 at Rakuten (via SNG Trading), after using the same SAVE15 promo code.

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Xbox One S Wireless Controller | Bluetooth | $39.91 (opens in new tab)
The regular controller doesn't have the same bells and whistles as the Elite model, but it's considerably cheaper. It's also on sale today. Use code SAVE15 for the full discount. Buy at Rakuten (opens in new tab)

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