Microsoft Flight Simulator's big UK update releases next week

Microsoft Flight Simulator
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It's undeniably great that you can dress your plane up as a pizza in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but for anyone looking for a more substantial update, here's good news. World Update 3, which will introduce new terrain and map data for the UK—England, Wales and Scotland—will release on February 16.

The official Flight Sim Support Twitter account confirmed as much today. "The team is putting the finishing touches on all aspects of this massive update," it tweeted, "and we appreciate your continued patience."

The update was initially scheduled for January 26 but was hit with a slight delay. Upon that announcement, Asobo confirmed it'll feature new aerials, five airports, over 70 new points of interest, and five new photogrammetry cities.

It was the cities that caused the delay, though. "Unfortunately, these new cities are causing a slight delay," the studio wrote at the time. "It’s a new process and data source for us and the tools have to be updated for these cities to integrate seamlessly into the sim." For more on what World Update 3 will include, this blog post is thorough.

Here's what Windsor Castle will look like. Curiously, it will look just like Windsor Castle.

Microsoft Flight Simulator, Windsor Castle

(Image credit: Microsoft)
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