Flight Sim's next update takes off for Great Britain

A large passenger Jet over a cityscape in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Just on the heels of its big USA update, the wonderful Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced that their next big update will focus on Great Britain. The update will bring new terrain and map data to England, Wales, and Scotland. They're calling it a United  Kingdom update but they don't have data for Northern Ireland, so that's not a good name. Great Britain is right there Asobo. They announced this update on a recent Q&A Twitch stream.

The update will add 50 to 60 new points of interest to the map of Great Britain. This includes some new airports, like Manchester Barton, Liverpool EEGP, and perhaps most importantly, Cornwall's very own Land's End. New procedural methods will also introduce cathedrals and churches, and hopefully eight other types of buildings. New aerial data from Bing will also more generally upgrade the map across all three nations.

On the Twitch stream, flight sim developer Jorg Neumann said that data for Northern Ireland wasn't available yet, but "we might as well do all of Ireland." So I'd expect that to be its own, future, update focusing on that island.

Here's the trailer that describes what the USA update did, if you're wondering what kind of treatments to expect for Great Britain:

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