Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance coming to PC/Steam "any day now"

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is not just a candidate for the best/worst-named game of all time - it's also a curious, OTT offshoot of Konami's famous sneak-'em-up series, made by the masters of fast-paced action titles, Platinum Games. A PC version was announced several months ago, but since then things have been unusually quiet for ridiculously outfitted cyborg ninja Raiden. UNTIL NOW. Konami have revealed on their official podcast , KP Alert!, that the port is in its "final stages" and coming "sooner than you might imagine". More than that, "you'll be seeing it pop up on Steam any day now". To paraphrase one of Metal Gear's stupid guards, "!"

I've played a bit of the game on 360, and I can't say I got to grips with its lightning-fast combat and trickily precise swordfighting mechanic. In fact, I was better at the sublimely ridiculous Bayonetta, for which I've abandoned all hope of a PC port. Despite being a little more divisive than many of their titles, Revengeance (I love typing that) is a Platinum game through and through - i.e. completely, robo-batshit crazy.

Here's a rather exciting trailer for the console versions of the game:

(Thanks to Metal Gear Informer )

Tom Sykes

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