Meet the villainous Seed family in four new Far Cry 5 teasers

A few weeks ago, Ubisoft rolled out a "Guns For Hire" trailer introducing the odd assortment of characters who will back you up during your gunslinging adventurers through Montana's back country in Far Cry 5. Now it's time to meet the people responsible for all the trouble: Joseph, John, Jacob, and Faith, collectively known as the Seeds. 

Jacob Seed, eldest brother, is a US Army combat veteran who uses drug-fueled "psychological conditioning" techniques to turn recruits into fanatical fighters and trains ferocious wolves he calls "Judges." He's also got a thing about "culling the herd", which means offing anyone he sees as weak or unfit. 

Next up is John Seed, youngest brother, a lawyer and believer in "the power of Yes." He comes off as more of a people person than Jacob, but is obviously just as nuts: Intimidation is his game, but he's also not afraid to use violence to get things done.

Then there's Faith Seed: "Joseph's voice, Faith acts as a divine instrument of chaos to keep the congregation in a state of bliss." Going by the teaser she doesn't seem like the sort who will pull a gun if she thinks you're getting out of line, but you never can tell.

And finally there's Joseph Seed, who's the middle brother but is better known as The Father. He took control of the Project at Eden's Gate after a voice told him that a great collapse was coming, and charged him with saving as many people as he can, whether they want to be saved or not. We got a closer look at him earlier this week in the live-action "Baptism" trailer.

Far Cry 5 is still a few weeks away—March 27, to be specific—but today was a big day for details, thanks to some hands-on time with the PC version of the game: We've got a rundown of the graphics options, information on microtransactions (yes) and loot boxes (no), plus an hour of co-op PC gameplay in a new section of the map.

Andy Chalk

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