Far Cry 5's 'Guns For Hire' trailer introduces all your potential allies

One of the hooks in Far Cry 5 is that while you, the player, are obviously responsible for the success of the fight against the religious cult behind all the trouble in your little slice of Montana, you don't have to carry the fight alone. The "Resistance" trailer unveiled in December 2017 gave us a quick look at some of the people who can lend a hand, but now we've got proper introductions to each, including—as expected—Hurk "Dangerously Stupid" Drubman Jr., a man who loves to point and shoot. 

Each of the seven characters who appear in the trailer has a unique skill and reason for fighting the cult. Grace Armstrong, a sniper and former soldier, fights to keep hope alive, for instance, while Sharky Boshaw, the pyrotechnician (which is to say, he has a flamethrower) fights because he has no friends. Each character also seems best suited to a particular style of fighting: Jess Black is basically a ninja, while Hurk's oddly attractive mom Adelaide employs a pair of .50s mounted to a helicopter. Those are definitely illegal in Canada, by the way. 

Far Cry 5 comes out on March 27. We got some hands-on time with it earlier this month, and if you haven't seen them yet you can check out the system requirements here

Andy Chalk

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