Meet Killsquad's fearless bounty hunters in these tutorial videos

Killsquad looked like a good time when I first noticed it last month, with its mix of vibrant sci-fi wasteland themes and action-RPG gameplay. It's launching on Steam in early access form tomorrow, and indie developer Novarama has put together a set of tutorial videos to introduce players to its four bounty hunters.

The four characters each represent a class. There's Cass, the Warrior Nun, who is the game's high-damage, low health assassin. Zero, a psychotic robot, functions as an offensive support. Then there's Kosmo, a tanky, mask-wearing brawler. Rounding out the team is Troy, a gunslinger who builds up focus with each kill, buffing each subsequent attack. Here's the tutorial for Troy:

Troy seems to be the entry-level bounty hunter of the bunch, but Novarama says you'll still have to master some of his moves to take full advantage of his abilities. In an interesting MOBA-esque twist, you'll have the chance to level up through the full tree during each contract, picking between ability enhancements and new skills every few levels. I also enjoy the fact that even though he's from Alpha Centauri, he opts to wear a trucker hat.

Over the course of early access, Novarama plans to add more bounty hunters, new enemies, and new contract types to the game.

Killsquad will be available tomorrow.