Medieval Engineers: the best videos for learning to build and destroy

Medieval Engineers

While we've all been intrigued, impressed, and occasionally horrified by the creations springing forth from Besiege, there's a rather more serious medieval sandbox out there waiting to tempt your building skills. Medieval Engineers, from Keen Software House, the makers of Space Engineers, is now in Early Access if you're looking to build some castles and then knock them down.

I've spent a little time in Medieval Engineers recently, and a little more time watching videos to understand just how to build something that actually works. If you've started playing yourself, or are interested in doing so, here's a selection of videos that might be of interest.

Basic Construction
From Arron of Last Stand Gamers, a nice introduction to the basics of how controls work, how to build blocks within blocks, and how to get started building the medieval city of your medieval dreams.

This tutorial from xBeau Gaming will help you put together your first catapult. It also demonstrates how hard it can be to hit the thing you're aiming at.

Floating Arm Trebuchet
One of the more impressive and complicated siege engine designs I've seen is from w4stedspace, who built a giant floating arm trebuchet.

A quick and concise tutorial on how to build a windmill from IamPetard.

Working Clocktower
This is impressive. Ironvos has built a lovely looking and structurally sound clock tower. The clock works, too, though it runs about 15 times real speed. Take a tour, won't you?

Helm's Deep
Looking for something a bit bigger? Steam workshop user Timathius created this massive replica of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. You can tour it in this dramatic video from I Played Gamezz.

Building is only half the fun: knocking everything down is the rest. In this video, Raptor takes you on a tour of his detailed medieval city, and then proceeds to reduce the entire thing to rubble. The destruction begins at 12:16.

More Destruction
Some more fun footage of buildings falling down, this time from Gamestar, who includes some important lessons on structural integrity so your buildings won't fall down (until you want them to).

NPCs, in the form of barbarians, we added in a recent update. Video Sage puts the new NPCs through the paces.

Naturally, the game has its own alpha tutorial video, worth checking out as well.

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