MechWarrior Online update finally brings UI 2.0, but with bugs

If you play MechWarrior Online you may have noticed that the servers and website were down for maintenance yesterday, but they came back to life with the much anticipated UI 2.0, which greatly improves the game's user interface and should remove bottlenecks for upcoming updates . Great news! Mostly. There are some issues.

In a post to the game's forums, Piranha Games explained that it discovered some problems with UI 2.0 at the last minute that almost prevented the release. Instead, Piranha decided to finally release the update and warn players about the issues in advance. They are as follows:

  • A log in issue that can affect a low percentage of users. Piranha says that you can get in if you keep trying, and that skipping the video intros with the ESC key also helps.
  • Consumables used during a match not being unequipped, yet not valid for the next match. You can avoid this bug by not leaving matches early or equipping modules.
  • Activating banked premium time doesn't work. You'll have to wait for the hot fix on this one.
  • Camo Spec doesn't show up correctly. Leaving the mech customization screen and returning should fix this.

Okay, so that sounds a little rough, but Piranha says that the issues should be fixed shortly, some as soon as this week, and UI 2.0 should improve stability overall.

The update also adds two new mechs and a ton of weapon and map balancing. You can find more detailed notes on the official forums , and a video tour of UI 2.0 below.