MechWarrior Online officially launches, gets loud trailer, livestreamed event

It makes me immensely happy that C&C: Red Alert's Hell March intro has become the zenith of sci-fi war trailers. Do you have a game featuring conflict, explosions and heavy metal machines? Then you'll need some industrial-rock guitar, pounding drums, and faux-military chanting. MechWarrior Online has now ticked over to the v1.0 milestone. It's a game featuring conflict, explosions and heavy metal machines. Let's take a look at what's in the launch trailer.

Alongside a launch patch , Piranha Games are celebrating the move out of beta with a string of events. An invitational tournament is planned for the 26th of September. You can find details of that at the MWO event page .

As for the game's future, creative director Bryan Ekman posted an update to the game's community. "With launch officially here, players can expect MechWarrior to continue to storm ahead with regular semi-monthly patches for the foreseeable future," he wrote. "We have a full slate of expansion features coming out during the next year, which include our new entire re-envisioned user interface, private matches, level and rank system, the ability for players to join and create custom mercenary units, new game modes, Clan technology, and the epic battle to control the Inner Sphere."

Ekman also confirmed the continuation of the game's monthly content updates and events, and teased new maps, including Island Metropolis in October and Moon Base in December.

Phil Savage

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