Max Payne and Alan Wake writer delivers answers in Reddit AMA

The creator and writer of Max Payne and Alan Wake , Sam Lake, shared a few words with the internet denizens of Reddit in an “ Ask Me (Almost) Anything ” thread. There, he shared his process for game writing, what changes he would make for Alan Wake 2, and what he had for breakfast that morning

Lake said Alan Wake had a long list influences, one of which was a screenplay he wrote.

“I wrote a film screenplay called Undertow and that's where the cabin by the lake, the Clicker, the Anderson brothers, Barbara Jagger and a few other things came from," Lake said. "It was a different thing, but I stole these things into Wake from that.”

He also said he was proud of Alan Wake and its DLC, American Nightmare, but wants a proper sequel for the franchise—something that's a lot more ambitious. If he were to make Alan Wake 2, Lake said there'd be “less dark forests and more gameplay variety.” However, he also addressed Alan Wake fans in a recent video , saying the team simply didn't have the funding to create Alan Wake 2—yet.

Lake didn't say much about Remedy's recently announced game, Quantum Break , or whether a PC version will accompany the Xbox One version, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Still, given Remedy's history , it's not totally unreasonable to hope its next game eventually hits the PC. We just might have to wait a bit.

Oh, and oatmeal. He had oatmeal that morning.