Max Payne 3 screenshots have diving, shooting and hair loss

Max Payne - old bald and angry

Rockstar have sent over fourteen screenshots of Max Payne 3, showing Max at various stages of hair loss, a few of the shots are bigger, watermark-free versions of the screens we saw recently , but there are some fresh ones too.

There's younger Max, who we all know and love from Max Payne 1 and 2, diving about with two pistols and trenchcoat. Then there's medium Max, who looks a lot sadder and has a beard, and finally older balder Max who looks like the sort of man who mixes nails into his Cornflakes every morning. Age doesn't seem to have affected his skills with a gun, though. You'll find all of the screens below.

The new screens are at the top. Click on each screen to see it full size.

Tom Senior

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