Mass Effect 3 From Ashes day one DLC confirmed, Collector's Edition owners get it free

Mass Effect 3

A couple of weeks ago a Mass Effect 3 DLC pack called "From Dust" was spotted in a Gamestop store, suggesting that there's a bit of day one DLC on the way. Bioware have popped onto their forums to confirm that this is indeed the case after another advert appeared on Xbox Live, but the DLC will instead be called "From Ashes." Owners of the N7 Collector's Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition will get the DLC for free.

The Xbox Live Marketplace listing also contained a bit of info about what the DLC will contain, but it's quite spoilery, so I've quarantined it beneath the indomitable red 'Read and Comment' line below. If you're avoiding spoilers then stay up here where it's warm and safe.

From Ashes will apparently contain a Prothean team mate. This ancient race is supposed to be entirely extinct, but somehow, at least one has survived. VG247 highlight a number of Prothean lines that one fan managed to find hidden away in the files of the recently released Mass Effect 3 demo .

Update, with minor spoilers: Producer Mike Gamble has posted on the Bioware forums with a short description of what the From Ashes DLC will contain. More details and screenshots are set to arrive on Monday. Here's what he says:

“From Ashes” includes the Prothean squad mate, an adventure on Eden Prime, a new weapon, and an alternate appearance for every squad mate. Note that these alternate appearances are in addition to the ones already advertised in the CE."

Eden Prime! A Prothean you can chat do and fight with! I don't know much about Mass Effect 3's main plot, but as a Mass Effect fan, these things seem pretty important.

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