What do you think of the Mass Effect 3 demo?

[VAMS id="upLX45nARMFyK"]

The space lobsters are coming for the daffodils. Earth is doomed. This teaser is a short clip of a full CG trailer set to be released on Sunday, and is the latest piece in an escalating frenzy of Mass Effect 3 marketing materials surrounding the release of the Mass Effect 3 Origin demo yesterday. It contains a couple of missions and a taste of the new multiplayer mode and got us so excited that we livestreamed it.

Executive producer Casey Hudson tweeted the day before yesterday to let us all know that Mass Effect 3 has gone gold. It's finished. All we have to do now is play the demo over and over again while we wait all those disks to be printed off and ferried to shops ahead of release on March 6 in the US and March 9 in Europe. What do you think of the demo? Are the new close combat moves big and punchy enough for you? Does James Vega bulge too freakishly? Is Shepard still badass enough? Let us know your thoughts.

Tom Senior

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