How to unlock every Word of Power in Marvel's Midnight Suns

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Marvel's Midnight Suns' Words of Power work exactly as you might expect: you use a certain command to open doors and other fun. It's not quite like your Thu'um from Skyrim, but the Words of Power are key if you want to really explore every nook and cranny of your hub world. 

Unlocking new Words of Power is no easy task, though, so in this guide, I'll talk you through how to obtain each one and what you can use them for.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Words of Power 

Once you've unlocked a Word of Power, hold down the space bar to bring up the Word of Power menu. Each word has a symbol, and symbols will appear on doors and the like, indicating that you can use a word here. Keep an eye out for the Open symbol on closed doors, for example, as that's a sign you can use your Word of Power to unlock a new area.

Here's the order you need to unlock the Words of Power in and how to win each battle.


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Upon starting Agatha's quest, you'll find a Blood Gate that you can open. Once inside, you'll find a Moon Seal that you place on a column, initiating a fight. This fight is super easy, as you and Charlie are only fighting demon dogs that each die to a single hit. Defeat them all to win the fight. You can now use Open on doors to reach new places around the map. 


After finding all of the elemental rods, you'll get a second Moon Seal that you can use to unlock a Blood Door near the Standing Stones. This challenge involves killing 16 Lilin and is considerably more challenging—you might struggle if you're below level eight. You'll want to focus on killing the hounds using knockback moves, and making use of the surrounding rocks and plinths you can launch yourself from. You must survive four turns and have killed 16 enemies, so make use of Fortify to protect yourself against the big guys.

Once the fight is over, you'll get Reveal. This ability will let you repair broken bridges and highlight hidden Arcane keys. To use it, you must be standing on the eye icons.


Once again, the difficulty ramps up on your way to get the Purify Word of Power. This ability lets you remove green vines, clearing yet more paths for you to explore. This section requires a fair bit of story progression and leveling to get the job done. You'll need to work with Doctor Strange and fight with Venom once again to get the Moon Seal to unlock the Blood Gate, as well as help Agatha find Witch Covens and Stained Soil. You can find the Blood Gate at the Edler Hyppus Shrine, which is in the north of the map to the east of Agatha's cottage.

Prior to the challenge beginning, praise and pet Charlie as often as you can to improve her power level. You'll also want to rely on the Howl card as it marks enemies and refunds card plays which is super useful. This fight is really something, so I'd advise going a few levels over the recommended level 12 before you attempt it unless you've rolled some really powerful cards. Again, you need to survive for four turns and defeat at least 16 Lilin to complete the challenge.

Once you begin the challenge, you'll want to focus on the Dark Legion enemies over the dogs this time. These guys multiply when you attack them, and, if left alive, can also create new copies of their allies—including the big guys. You need to bring them down as fast as possible so make sure you've got some high-damage single attacks or AOE moves to do it in as few moves as possible. There are also the Guardians and dogs to deal with, too, but luckily no reinforcements arrive for the first three turns due to the splitting thing. Using knockback moves remains one of the most useful abilities. Save your most powerful cards for the Guardians.

After the fight is over, head through the door and stick the Mood Seal on the plinth to unlock Purify.


The last Word of Power is Break, which lets you smash through crumbling walls and piles of rubble. You can even destroy some large statues to reveal Arcane Chests. You'll need to find three Moon Seal shards. 

First shard: Found to the west of the Everflowing Glade, on a wooden platform overlooking some cliffs. 

Second shard: Found near a cliff edge in the north of the map, directly north of the Garden of Envy. 

Third shard: Found lodged in a cliffside just to the east of the Garden of Envy. 

Once you have all three shards, visit Agatha at Lillith's Garden—which is to the west of the Garden of Envy—and she'll ask that you visit her cottage and grab a flower, so go ahead and do that. Once you've visited Agatha's cottage, head back to the library and she'll create the final Moon Seal. 

The final Blood Gate can be found to the north of Lilith's Garden at the edge of the map. This will be the toughest challenge and I do not recommend starting it if you're not at the required level. Again, you need to survive for four turns and kill 16 Lilin. 

Before you begin, it would be a good idea to craft combat items like the Agility Serum to gain one move for free which can really make or break the fight. All the same tips from the previous gates apply here and I would strongly encourage you to bring the Annihilation card, and others like Guarding Strike. Keep the knockback cards, too, as you can take out more than one enemy at a time or throw them into the plinths dotted around the arena.

A new enemy type is introduced here: Revenant. This enemy will soul bind with other enemies. If you don't kill all soulbound enemies in a single turn they will regenerate health, so you can see how this can get out of hand fast. Once the fight is over, place the Moon Seal on the column and you'll unlock the final Word of Power, so get smashing. 

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