Manifold Garden, Wattam, and No Straight Roads will be Epic exclusives

Epic announced today that six more games will be launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store: Manifold Garden, Wattam, No Straight Roads, Superliminal, Airborne Kingdom, and The Alto Collection,  which packages together a pair of snowboarding sidescrollers that were previously mobile-only.

Manifold Garden explores MC Escher-esque architecture, and has been in development for years. Wattam is the next game from Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi, and looks happily bizarre. No Straight Roads is an action game from lead Final Fantasy XV game designer Wan Hazmer in which an indie rock band fights the "massive EDM empire."

Of the bunch, I'm most interested in Wattam and Airborne Kingdom, a city management and exploration game in which we'll build floating clockwork towers—it's looking pretty cool in the gif below. Check out our recent interview with developer Ben Wander for more.

Finally, Superliminal is another game that recalls MC Escher—it changes the size of objects based on forced perspective. It's best just to watch the trailer here to get what I mean.

The PAX West Showcase video also includes Ooblets and Eternal Cylinder, which we already knew were Epic Store exclusives.

"We are fortunate to have the chance to work with Epic, and the resources they have provided have empowered us to expand the scope and polish of the game as a whole," said Manifold Garden developer William Chyr. Both the art and design departments have been expanded as a result of the new funds, he said, and a third-party QA studio has been brought on.

There's no release date for Manifold Garden, but it's "very close," said Chyr.

"I'm aware some people might be disappointed that the game is not on Steam or other platforms at launch," said Superliminal developer Pillow Castle. "For those people, I'm sorry! But hopefully this lets us make a better game overall."

Like most other Epic Store exclusives, these games won't release on other PC storefronts for 12 months after launch.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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