Magicka 2 karaoke trailer sings along to wanton wizard violence


Remember back in June, when the Magicka 2 wizard accidentally blew up a cat ? Paradox Interactive wants you to know that it feels bad about that. Really bad. So bad, in fact, that it's written a song, and hopes you'll all sing along.

Generally speaking, I, like most people, don't care for advertisements. I recognize them as a necessary evil, but the moment that "skip ad" button pops up, I hit it like a hungry dog going after a bone. But every now and then, something like this comes along, and I don't just watch it once. I watch it again, and again. And then again.

The original Magicka, a top-down game about crafting magical spells and using them to blast things into paste, scored a not-all-that 69 in our 2011 review . That game was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, while Magicka 2 is in the works at Pieces Interactive. Will it be better? I have no idea. But I sure do like the ads so far.

There's actually a point to this karaoke angle, too. Paradox is holding a contest for "ambitious and foolhardy songsmiths" who want to create their own ridiculous Magicka 2 karaoke video. Full contest details are up at and my goodness, even if you have absolutely zero interest in the contest—or in Magicka 2—I urge you to check out that site. You won't be disappointed.

Andy Chalk

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