Mad Max films available now on Steam, Fury Road incoming

Mad Max Fury Road

Avalanche Studios' Mad Max game came out today, but what you might not have known is that today also marks the Steam launch of most of the Mad Max films.

The first three in the series—Mad Max, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome—are all available to buy and watch now for £9.99 / $15 each. The recent, critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road is currently only available for pre-purchase, for £13.99 / $20. There's no release date that I can see, but since the Blu-ray and DVD are due on October 5 I'm guessing it'll be the same for Steam.

It's interesting to see more films heading to Steam, though the price seems high for streaming video. Would you buy more films on Steam?