Mad Catz tease Strike 5 keyboard with glowing eye and "full 16 million color RGB backlighting"

Mad Catz specialise in creating keyboards that look like they've been assimilated by the Borg. The Strike 7 divided opinion when it was released a few months back. If you were tempted, but put off by the $300 price point then you might be interested in the Strike 5, a $200 alternative that replaces the touchscreen pop-up module with a terrifying glowing doom-eye and some analogue buttons.

The Strike 5's disconnected segments can be altered to fit your wrist and typing style and there are "21 Programmable Macro Buttons" that can deliver "63 user-definable commands." What's more, there's support for "full 16 million color RGB backlighting," so you can finally tune your keyboard to that perfect shade of puce.

But what does it look like when you take it out of a box? Evil Avatar have spotted a video that has all the answers. If you're sold already, you can pick one up here .

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Tom Senior

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