Lost Planet 3 has man in robot suit fighting giant ice crab, here's Dave with the weather

The lost planet was found a few years ago when the first game came out, and since then armies of futuristic marines have been wishing the damn place had stayed lost, on account of the giant horrible bug monsters and the awful cold. In the newly announced prequel, Lost Planet 3, humanity's solution to both problems takes the form of well heated giant robots with great big drill hands. Bravo, humanity.

The debut trailer for Lost Planet 3 shows a day in the life of Manly Beard Man (Jim), a man with a beard who doesn't sit down for breakfast without having first climbed into a giant robot suit to fight an ice crab. Lost Planet's massive boss monsters famously sported huge glowing weak spots, but that's all a bit moot when you can punch through the thing with a giant drill arm. See more of those monsters and some icy vistas in the new screenshots below.

Lost Planet 3 is being made by Spark Unlimited, who many hoped were working on a new Battlefront. They've previously worked on Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary, both mediocre console shooters. Hopefully Lost Planet 3 will turn out a little bit better. It's set before the events of the first game when the world was still an icy wreck, and it'll look a little bit like this:

Tom Senior

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