Lost Ark's Witcher crossover begins next week, bringing Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer and others to the game

Lost Ark's Witcher crossover event kicks off next week, bringing a bunch of themed items and cosmetics to the incredibly on-top Korean ARPG/MMO. It'll also see characters like Geralt, Ciri, and other familiar Witchery faces make an appearance to help players on a new set of story and daily quests. Also, the announcement was accompanied by an image of a Lost Ark-ified Geralt and Ciri, from which I may never recover.

An image of Geralt and Ciri portrayed in a Lost Ark artstyle.

(Image credit: Smilegate)

The event tasks players with solving the problem of a mysterious vortex that's suddenly appeared on White Wolf Haven Island, which I'm choosing to believe just happened to be called that before Geralt and company showed up. Working through the island's various quests will reward you with potions from the Witcher series, new Jukebox songs, a card set featuring Witcher characters, a new stronghold structure, and little bits and pieces like emoticons, selfie stickers and a title.

The event will also bring a new set of cosmetics you can pick up in the in-game store, consisting of pretty much what you'd expect. There's new outfits, weapon skins, and hairstyles that you can use to Witcher-fy your Lost Ark character. If you'd rather not splash real cash, the event will go hand-in-hand with a new Twitch Drop, featuring "Witcher-inspired Mokoko skins". You can keep track of when that one goes live on the game's Twitch Drops page.

If you've got no idea what a Witcher even is, then the event will come alongside a small update that makes a few quality of life changes to Lost Ark's daily grind. Smilegate promises improvements to the game's quest system and guilds, exchanging materials, and the option to favourite engravings.

We had a (mostly) good time with Lost Ark here at PCG: Rick Lane scored it 78% in his Lost Ark review last February, praising its engrossing major story events and wild scenarios. He did note that "the loot sucks," mind you, but if that was a shorthand way of complaining that he couldn't equip his character with Geralt's trademark ponytail, I have good news.

That ponytail, plus everything else, will arrive in Lost Ark on January 18, when the crossover event kicks off. You'll have about a month to do the quests you want to do and pick up the cosmetics you want to adorn yourself with: The event concludes on February 22nd.

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