Lords of the Fallen, Vermintide, Galak-Z going cheap in Fanatical's Nemesis Bundle 5

Prior to its rebranding last year, digital deals distributor Fanatical was once known as Bundle Stars. Bundles were its game—it's in the name, yeah?—and while the new label's themed sales are always worth a look, I myself prefer its tiered collections of old. 

Fanatical's Nemesis Bundle 5 is exactly that, and is live now through February 8. Within, you'll find the likes of co-op action brawler Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide, fabled ARPG Lords of the Fallen, and the sci-fi roguelike Chris Schilling billed as "enormously rewarding" Galak-Z. 

In familiar stacked format, level one of Nemesis 5 costs just $1/£0.89 and includes Galak-Z, Still Not Dead, Infectonator: Survivors, and Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!. Tier two nets you all of those plus Vermintide and seven others for £4.29/your regional equivalent; while the third and final shelf costs £8.59 and includes Lords of the Fallen, Black Eye Games' Gloria Victis, and all of the above. 

If you shoot for the latter, you'll receive 14 games which would otherwise cost you somewhere in the region of £170/$240. 

Again, Fanatical's Nemesis Bundle 5 is live now through February 8. Check it out in full this-a-way.   

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