LoL player gets pentakill and Baron steal while dead

Malzahar League of Legends

I haven't been deep into the League of Legends scene for a while now, but this clip left even me dumbfounded. LoL player Delogrand—who either prays to RNGesus twice a day or is truly one level above 'next-level'—managed to get both a Baron steal and a pentakill with no help from his team and after being the first person to die. I'll let the clip above speak for itself, because its genuinely incredible to watch nothing but fog of war as the kills roll in. Be sure to keep watching to see it from the enemy team's point of view.

Delogrand is playing Malzahar, a champion added to LoL nearly six years ago that doesn't see a huge amount of play—not none, but it's fair to say that the opponents in the video above may not have been familiar enough with him to know what was coming. After blowing his ultimate combo on the enemy tank without much gained, Malzahar ran blindly toward the Baron pit to try and disrupt the the other team from taking it. He was quickly (and predictably) blown up, but Delogrand managed to use his E ability, Malefic Visions, on a weak enemy before dying. This is where the fun begins.

Malefic Visions is a damage over time ability that lasts four seconds, but if the target dies while it is still applied, the ability jumps to the next closest target and its timer restarts. So even though Malzahar was long dead, Malefic Visions killed its first target (the already low Heimerdinger, who mistakenly stuck close to his team) then hopped from enemy champion to enemy champion, with the help of some unfortunately place Heimerdinger turrets and a lot of damage from Baron Nashor, eventually getting the final tick of damage on Baron itself.

It's truly a sight to behold, and I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before. It took a healthy dose of luck, Baron damage, and clueless opponents, but that doesn't diminish what happened. And I think the stunned response from Delogrand's team, standing in base wondering what just happened, pretty much sums up my reaction as well.

Thanks, /r/LeagueOfLegends.

Tom Marks
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