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Logitech's stellar G502 Hero SE mouse is on sale for $28 today

Logitech's stellar G502 Hero SE mouse is on sale for $28 today
The G502 Hero SE is down to the lowest price we've ever seen it sell for with this deal. (Image credit: Logitech)

We have mostly high praise for Logitech's G502 Hero. Like the Lightspeed Wireless model that we anointed the best gaming mouse, the scroll wheel on the Hero model is utterly fantastic, though also prone to sparking debates on free-wheeling vs. stepped scrolling. You can have both with the G502 Hero, and for only $27.99 right now.

This is a good time to be in the market for a Logitech mouse. The Lightspeed Wireless we wrote about last week is still on sale, albeit it's up a couple bucks, and now so is the more affordable G502 Hero SE. It's not all that expensive to begin with—it usually sells for around $38—but at this price, it's even easier to recommend.

Logitech G502 Hero SE | 16K DPI Sensor | RGB | $27.99 (save ~$10)
The G502 Hero SE is an excellent mouse with a 16K DPI sensor the best scroll wheel on the market. It's a steal at this price.
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Wes reviewed the non-SE model in late 2018 and praised the rodent for its flawless performance, smooth gliding, and having the best scroll wheel ever. The SE edition is the same mouse, just with a different color scheme.

That means it's rocking a 16K DPI sensor, adjustable weights, RGB lighting, rubber side grips, and 11 programmable buttons. Simple put, this is one of the best mice you can buy for under $30 (and it punches above it price class).

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