Logitech's G610 keyboard offers Cherry MX Brown and Red switches

Logitech G610

Logitech has unveiled two new mechanical keyboards, the Orion 610 Brown and Red, using the same sleek chassis as the recently released G810. Rather than using Logitech's own proprietary switches, these new keyboards are using Cherry MX switches, with MX Brown and MX Red for each respective product.

These new keyboards feature white backlighting instead of RGB, with brightness levels adjustable for each individual key. You can also change lighting patterns, and sync the lights with other Logitech G products you might own. The Orion 610 also features customization of the F1-F12 keys for macro support, and has dedicated media controls.

The Orion 610 is basically the same as the G810 Orion Spectrum we covered last month, just with the Cherry switches and $10 knocked off the price. If you don't know what kind of switches match your typing or gaming style, check out our guide to mechanical switches.

Both of these new keyboards will be available for $120.