Logitech's excellent K840 mechanical keyboard is on sale for $45

If you're looking for one of the best mechanical keyboards that (A) doesn't suck and (B) is reasonably priced, check out Logitech's K840. We like this keyboard even when it's not on sale, but it just so happens that Amazon has it marked down to $44.99 today.

One of the things we like about the K840 is that it actually looks good for a budget keyboard. Logitech keeps things simple without any tacky design elements. The keyboard also uses proprietary Romer-G key switches designed in collaboration with Omron. These switches were originally reserved for Logitech's high-end boards, but have since been added to the more price-friendly K840.

There are no dedicated macros, passthroughs, or backlighting. At the same time, you're not paying a premium for features that you might not care about, or could otherwise do without. Short and sweet, this is a good budget board at an even better-than-usual price.

Go here to grab this keyboard. It's one of our best gaming keyboards right now.

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Paul Lilly

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