Logitech launches G400 mouse


Mice are one of the hardest pieces of hardware to review. You take a mouse apart and analyse it from every technical angle possible, from its sensitivity to its response rate to its weight; but when it comes to gaming with one over a long period of time, one person's perfect bodied rodent is another person's RSI inducing wreck.

Only one thing is a near universal constant - almost everyone loves Logitech mice. Which is why it's moderately big news that the venerable MX518 optical mouse, apparently Logitech's best selling gaming mouse ever, is being retired in favour of the all new G400.

The new 'G' branding brings it in line with keyboards, headsets and laser mice that Logitech already has available, but the look and style seems to be classic MX territory. And that's no bad thing. Key specs are a variable sensitivity up to 3600DPI and a 1000Hz polling rate, and a driver that works as part of the same suite as other 'G' products.

There's only one cause for alarm. Part of the reason for the MX518's success is the fact that you can buy it for less than £25. The suggested price for the G400 is double that - £49.99. We'll have to wait until it goes on sale in mid-July to find out how it justifies that.