Logitech is acquiring Blue Microphones, maker of the popular Yeti mic

Logitech announced plans to acquire Blue Microphone, a maker of studio-quality mics, as it looks to expand its reach into a growing market segment. It is the same company that makes the Yeti, our top pick in the microphone category.

This is a smart purchase by Logitech, and one that the company is understandably "super excited" about. More and more, gamers are getting into broadcasting. Blue Microphones is a respected outfit in the audio category, and its product line fits nicely with Logitech's own collection of webcams.

"For Logitech, this is a new space. But, at the same time, it’s not at all. Gamers are already using our Logitech G webcams to stream... Joining up with Blue and their microphone lines is a logical adjacent opportunity with great synergies," Logitech said.

The concern in these types of situations is that the new owner might mess up a good thing. However, there are a couple of things working in Logitech's favor. One is that it has done a good job with other gaming peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, and headsets. And secondly, it sounds like Logitech will be keeping the Blue Microphones team intact.

"So here’s the deal: all of us here at Blue will keep creating cool stuff for professional musicians, gamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and streamers; Logitech will help us conquer the world. It’s a great partnership full of possibilities," Blue Microphones said.

For Blue, this is an opportunity to grow and extend the company's reach. Ideally, the team at Blue would be free to continue doing what they already do, but with the added benefit of more resources at their disposal. Whether it works out that way remains to be seen.

Blue Microphones offers a range of products, from the $60 Tiki on up to its most expensive mic, the $4,000 Bottle. For gamers and streamers, its Yeti and Snowball lines are popular, offering a good balance between audio quality and price.

Looking ahead, Logitech says the Blue team has "some great new products in development," but didn't offer any specifics.

Paul Lilly

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