Live-action psychological horror game The Bunker out now

The Bunker first popped up on my radar back in April when Splendy Games, working alongside Wales Interactive and Last Chance Films, teased the “completely live-action” horror game for the first time. Nuclear war has swept Britain, we learned, and John (played by Adam Brown aka Ori from The Hobbit) is the last remaining survivor holed up in a nuclear shelter—a chap whose “daily routine is the only thing that keeps him sane.” He's also deeply troubled by his disturbed past. 

It sounded like a really interesting premise and, off the back of last year’s wonderfully executed Her Story, the idea of reviving 90’s live-action videogames is something which really excited me. It’s out today, and here’s its launch trailer: 

The Bunker’s plot has been pulled together by some of the folks responsible for the likes of SOMA, The Witcher and Broken Sword. Besides Brown, the cast also includes Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful), Grahame Fox (Game Of Thrones) and Jerome St. John Blake (Star Wars).

“Using live action means you can capture that genuine emotion which great actors give you, drawing you into the story even more,” says Allan Plenderleith, the game’s director. “Adam Brown gives an incredible performance and we hope gamers really connect with his character John and the lonely, dangerous world he lives in. 

"It was a genuine challenge to make a psychological horror game in a real location with real actors, but we’re really excited to bring audiences into this world and hope they really get lost in the story of The Bunker.” 

The Bunker is available now on Steam for £13.49/$17.99 with a ten percent discount.