'Completely live action' horror game The Bunker coming this year

Bunker Screenshot 01

The Bunker is a 'completely live action' horror game from Splendy Games in collaboration with Wales Interactive and Last Chance Films. It follows John (Adam Brown, Ori in The Hobbit), the last survivor in a government bunker in the aftermath of England's obliteration in nuclear war. Horror tradition dictates that all is not as it seems and there are hints at terrors in the depths of the bunker in addition to John's own unstable mind.

Of all the '90s crazes to make a comeback, I could not have called FMV—we've probably got Quantum Break to thank for that, despite the fact that it's not out till tomorrow. I'm fascinated to see how The Bunker turns out, even if my default position is sceptical. For one thing, a dark, dank bunker is horror bread and butter. For another, I find that real terror in horror games is a direct consequence of player control—you can't look away or you'll end up stuck on the scenery while monsters chew on your spine.

Luckily, we only have to wait until summer to find out whether The Bunker will be a fresh take on terror or head straight to DVD.