Life is Strange episode 1 will be free ‘indefinitely’ as of tomorrow

The first episode of Dontnod’s multi-award winning adventure game Life Is Strange will be available to download for free tomorrow, publisher Square Enix has announced. 

From July 21 onwards, the episodic tale of love, friendship and coming of age is set to offer players a complimentary trip to Arcadia Bay where they’ll join Chloe and Max in the game’s premier episode—Chrysalis. To mark the occasion, Dontnod has released the following trailer:

Although perhaps not for everyone, one of the most impressive things about Life Is Strange is its propensity to affect people in so many different ways. It was Chris’s Personal Pick of last year; whereas Phil described it as “unfocused but earnest”, but nevertheless found it to be one of his favourite games of 2015. Jody MacGregor discussed why a bad ending needn’t ruin a great game after finishing Chloe and Max’s tale; and Andy shared his thoughts on how it channels Twin Peaks

If you’re yet to try it, you can begin to craft your own slant when Life Is Strange’s episode one launches for free tomorrow via its official website