Life is Feudal: MMO trailer details first five hours

Medieval online survival game Life is Feudal: MMO is currently in beta, and if you're wondering how it differs from the bafflingly titled Life is Feudal: Your Own, know that it embiggens the middle ages-'em-up with a larger game environment, support for many more players, the introduction of shared server worlds, persistence, and a "full scale guild system with Guild vs Guild battle and siege systems", among several other features. (That comparison helpfully supplied by the official site.)

The beta for Life is Feudal: MMO is ongoing, but if you're curious how the experience plays out, and you don't want to pony up for the privilege, then you'll be pleased to hear that developer Bitbox has put out a video outlining its first five hours.

You'll begin your feudal life somewhere in the wilderness, meaning you'll need to Minecraft yourself a campsite before too long. After that, Video Man recommends striking out in the world to discover other players, using the power of teamwork to construct a settlement. He suggests eventually carving yourself a role in medieval society, be it as a hunter, a fisherperson, or what-have-you.

It's a pretty good trailer, all told, finding the time to detail the game's basic controls as well.

We reviewed the original Life is Feudal: Your Own back in December 2015. Alas, Leif Johnson wasn't too enamoured with it.

Tom Sykes

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