Lies of P Arlecchino riddle solutions and where to use Trinity Keys

Lies of P Trinity Keys - Arlecchino phone near Venigni Works
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The Lies of P Arlecchino riddles aren't particularly difficult to answer, considering there are only two options you can choose when talking to the Krat's King of Riddles. Still, picking correctly will get you a Trinity Key and a chance to unlock some secret treasures if you can locate the door where it's used. If you haven't encountered Arlecchino yet, look for the ringing phone close to the Venigni Works entrance. 

Arlecchino pops up throughout the game, calling on different payphones as you progress to pose you riddles. But honestly, the real challenge is working out where to use the Trinity Key you get from answering each successfully. Here, I'll give you the correct answers to the Arlecchino riddles I've completed so far, plus where you can use the Trinity Keys you get from them.

Arlecchino riddle solution one

The first phone can be found close to the entrance of Venigni Works (Image credit: Neowiz)

The first riddle phone is located in region III, right after you defeat the Scrapped Watchman at Krat City Hall, and get the key from Geppetto to head towards Venigni Works. Just before the bridge that leads across the Venigni Works entrance with the sign hanging above, turn right and head through the archway to find a ringing phone. Pick it up and speak to Arlecchino, and after a short while, he'll pose you a riddle:

By morning, it walks on feet numbering four.
At mid-day just two, No less and no more.
It walks on three feet when the evening arrives.
And if you solve this then I'll know you're alive!

The answer to this riddle is Human. Select this option and he'll give you a Trinity Key.

Arlecchino riddle solution two

Return to the first phone later on for the second riddle (Image credit: Neowiz)

The second riddle is available on the same phone as above a bit later in the game. For me, this was after I'd defeated the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss in St. Frangelico's Cathedral. Answer the phone and Arlecchino will pose his next riddle:

I stand tall and proud when I'm young and bold.
But I'm short and humble once I've gotten old.
What am I?

The answer to this one is Candle. Choose this to get a second Trinity Key.

Arlecchino riddle solution three

The third riddle is at a different phone this time, but won't ring until after you've defeated the King of Puppets boss in the Estella Opera House in region VI. Once you've done that, head back to the Malum District Town Hall Stargazer where you fought the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. 

From here, backtrack through the district, heading left through the Red Lobster Inn. Before you pass through the gate into the big square with the burning Black Rabbit Brotherhood symbol, there's a ladder to the right you can climb. Go left at the top to find a small room with a ringing telephone inside. Here, Arlecchino will pose another riddle:

Think about this, whatever it takes:
What cannot be used before it breaks?

The answer to this riddle is Egg. This time Arlecchino gives you a clue to get a Trinity Key at the Grand Exhibition in region VII. Once you arrive in the second area of the exhibition, with the gun-wielding enemies wearing goggles, you'll arrive on the upper level of a hall with a big tram carriage in the centre. From here:

  • Take the stairs down to the lower level to find a room containing two statues with outstretched arms. 
  • Interact with both to turn them so their arms are pointed inwards towards the Grand Exhibition sign. 
  • This will open a secret door just below the sign, letting you grab a third Trinity Key.

It's worth noting that there is also another phone on the upper level above the tram, so presumably this is where the next Arlecchino riddle will be, but I haven't gotten to that point just yet.

Where to use Trinity Keys

Each Trinity Key opens a triangle-marked door somewhere in the game, giving you access to a safe containing valuable items and even costumes. While I'm pretty sure a Trinity Key can be used on any of the doors, because of your progression through the game, there is usually just one door you can access at a time:

  • First door: This is located in Venigni Works. After you unlock the shortcut by lowering the big pipe, you'll find Red Fox and Black Cat hanging out above one end of the watery trench where the Puppet of the Future boss is patrolling up and down. Head through the tunnel close to where they're standing, turn right to fight the three tool-wielding puppets, and keep following that passage to find the door. The safe inside contains a Quartz and the Blueblood's Tailcoat costume.
  • Second door: This one is located in St. Frangelico's Cathedral. Make your way into the cathedral depths, climbing the ladders and rafters until you reach a point where big boulders are rolling down a slope onto a lift. Next to where the boulders drop down at the top of the slope is a ladder. Climb this and run down the second boulder tunnel above to find the door on the left. You can get the Black Cat Amulet which reduces falling damage from the safe inside.
  • Third door: This is located in the Estella Opera House and is easy to find once you've unlocked the shortcut to the King of Puppets boss. Simply drop off the beam by the swinging chandelier on fire to find the door in the space below. The safe in this one gives a high-damage reduction defensive Frame.
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