Lian Li just went ahead and made fans cool again

Cooling fans are probably one of the most underrated PC gaming components.  And let's face it, video cards get all the glory, but your poor fans keep your PC case from becoming a portable sauna. Lian Li's SL Infinity fans are going for both style and function. 

The SL Infinity 140 is a 140mm version of the SL Infinity 120, which Lian Li released around six months ago. The fans feature a no-cable connection where up to four fans can interlock with each other with a single cable going to a fan header on your motherboard.

Being able to daisy chain the fans together this way makes cable management a little easier. The fans also come with removable interlocking keys and a multidirectional power cable which gives you less rigid radiator fittings with a bit more clearance and improved airflow. 

The SL Infinity has that cool 3D glow effect from two little circular mirrors at the center of the fan. As the 40 LEDs on fan blades whirl about, it produces what Lian Li calls that "deep, hypnotic infinity effect." I think it just looks dope, and think all fans should do this.

Lian Li says the SL Infinity 140 is quieter and offers 10% better performance than its 120mm counterpart. The 140s even allows support for 0 RPM, just in case you're looking for a super quiet PC build. 

The SL Infinity 140 is compatible with the SL Infinity 120 controller hub allowing you to mix and match 120mm or 140mm fan clusters. 

The Uni Fan SL Infinity 140 is out now and sells for $30 for a single fan pack (controller not included) in black or white. Good luck finding them since they already seem out of stock at most retailers. 


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