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Lian Li train inspired case steams into view

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I was going to post something today about playing Black Mesa on Linux, then this popped into my inbox, so you'll have to wait. It's a PC case, shaped like a steam train (opens in new tab) . Obviously that takes precedence over everything.

Designed by Lian Li the PC-CK101 is a mini-ITC chassis which comes in two versions – one fixed model for the mantlepiece and one that you can actually put on a track and send off to do a circuit of the room. I've never been especially fixated by trains (although my uncle did own a renovated steam engine), but this is fantastic.

I'm checking my diary to make sure there isn't a Taiwanese equivalent of April Fool's Day I've not heard of before. Lian Li is apparently also selling track parts for the PC-CK101 to run on and the kit includes a jam jar like module for producing steam. The case itself stands 18.5cm high by 51.5cm long and weight 4.5Kg. Isambard Kingdom Brunel would surely approve.

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The PC-CK101 – which surely should have been called the Great Western Steam Machine or something – has space for two hard drives and is cooled by a single 120mm fan. It costs $229/£160 for the stationary version and £265/$379 for the moving one. Those prices include a 300W power supply.

I really hope it catches on – more off the shelf designs for hiding PCs in other things would be fantastic for gaming in the lounge or other shared space.

Apparently there's a competition to win one over on Lian Li's Facebook page here (opens in new tab) . In the meantime check out the vid below.