LG just went ahead and put an entire smart TV in a briefcase, effectively ruining all of my future family vacations

Don't tell me you never thought of it. Packing up your gaming monitor or TV on a trip because the hotel TV won't let you plug in a device. Or you may wish your Steam Deck screen was bigger. What if you could carry a classy briefcase à la Agent 47, but instead of finding a high-powered sniper rifle inside, you discover a smart TV perfect for gaming?

The StandByMe GO is a portable 27-inch 1080p LCD touchscreen that LG calls an  "All-In-One Portable Entertainment System." While this isn't the first portable screen I've ever seen, it is the first one with a screen built into an attache case, making it convenient for traveling. 

The screen ingeniously pops out of the briefcase via a small stand and offers the flexibility to rotate for landscape or portrait viewing. The video demonstrates its ability to lie flat, transforming it into a gigantic tablet platform for playing oversized chess or other games from the LG Store (the same one you download all your streaming apps from). The lone HMDI port means you could plug in a gaming laptop or even Steam Deck for some large-screened portable play. 

With Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, you could install Nvidia GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming and stream games—assuming you have a reliable internet connection and a Bluetooth controller. However, I'm skeptical about attempting a Fortnite match deep in the woods or at the beach. But then again, it's a mere contemplation.

Even without the internet, you can link your smartphone to the GO using Bluetooth, Screen Share, or Apple Airplay. Notably, it boasts an 'Outdoor Brightness Control' feature that amplifies peak brightness, although precise figures remain somewhat elusive. Also, the screen is only 60Hz, so don't expect competitive performance if you're using it as a portable PC monitor.

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LG asserts that the GO's built-in battery lasts about 3 hours. This should be ample time before nearby onlookers ask if that individual playing Baldur's Gate 3 mere moments before boarding at Newark International Airport is alright.

Yes, that individual is me. And no, I am not alright.

I imagine the last box curious customers are looking to check off is weight, but for now, you're out of luck—LG doesn't list the weight anywhere on the product page. Expect it to be at least as heavy as a 27-inch TV, and then maybe double it to account for what's presumably a big internal battery.

For those interested, the LG StandbyME GO portable touchscreen is available for pre-order on the LG website for $999.99. Each pre-order includes a complimentary LG XBoom 360 Bluetooth speaker to sweeten the deal. Orders are anticipated to ship later this month.

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