LG announces biggest and smallest OLED gaming TVs yet

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LG make some of our favourite gaming TVs on the market, and it’s not just because units like the LG OLED48CX TV offer up to 4k resolution at 120Hz. A lot of our appreciation for LG’s screens is thanks to the OLED technology giving them those deep blacks we’ve come to know and love. However, one downside to all OLED TVs is they come in a limited range of sizes, so LG is looking to change that with it’s 2022 range of screens.

As a part of its CES showcase, LG has announced new OLED TVs in both their smallest size yet at a respectable 42 inch, and the largest ever on offer with the ginormous 97 inch screen. Previously the smallest OLED TVs were available at 48  inches, whereas the largest was an 88 inch TV that was also packing 8k resolution. These new screens are only covering 4k, which given the available content, and potential price of the panels actually seems like a blessing. Plus the new A9 processor in LG’s 2022 line up of TVs has improved on the 4k upscaling among other things, which will also lead to better picture quality. 

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LG’s new 97 inch monstrosity will be a part of the G2 line up which will have better brightness, as well as heat management over the other models of TV. It's a part of the company’s premium range, which isn’t surprising given the size of the house you’d need to hold the thing. Thankfully, it also comes in smaller 83, 77, 65, and 55-inch offerings but no prices are listed as of yet.

The smaller 42 inch OLED is considered a C2 model which is the next generation in LG’s popular line up of C TVs, though it may not use the same Evo panel as larger screens. Aside from the new tiny 42 inch, these models will be available in  83, 77, 65, 55, and 48 inch variants. 

The new C2 TVs are said to weigh nearly half as much as the C1 models. As someone who owns and had to mount a C1 to a wall, this should be the real headline news. These TVs are thin like a blade in places and I could see mine bowing as we lifted it. The sides even cut into my hands. It looks amazing playing games though, especially with LG supporting Nvidia GeForce Now so I can potentially use a nicer PC than what I own. These new TVs have added a few extra touches for gamers like an improved game dashboard and more picture modes, and hopefully we’ll get our hands on one to tell you what they’re really like. 

For now we'll have to wait for more information on further specs and pricing, on these and LG's other new monitors like the weird 16:18 ratio screen as more becomes clear over CES. 

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