Let creepy puppets teach you about creepier ghosts in the new Martha Is Dead trailer

There were already untold horrors in World War 2, but I suppose there's always room for one more. First-person psychological horror adventure Martha Is Dead is set in Tuscany in 1944, where the war is raging and a woman is found drowned in a lake. Her twin sister is left to deal with the aftermath and find out why her sister was killed.

Helping to tell the disturbing story in the new trailer above are some deeply spooky puppets, which definitely wouldn't be my first choice for the best way to learn about restless ghosts at the bottom of a lake. I wouldn't want to hear it from a creepy children's book, either, which is also in the trailer.

Following a delay from last year, Martha Is Dead is due out sometime in 2021. 

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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