Lego The Hobbit is more like Lego Ocean's Eleven in this excellent trailer

Lego The Hobbit just might be the film that the overlong, barrel-scraping but still pretty damned enjoyable movies should have been - at least based on the evidence of this latest trailer, which packs more beautifully observed knockabout humour in its 1 minute and 41 seconds than Peter Jackson's epics managed in their combined 300 years running time. Stripping the plot back to the Oceans Eleven fan fiction Tolkien originally conceived it as back in the 1930s, this latest Hobbit trailer focuses on the game's predominantly dwarven main characters, and their various powers, tools and luxurious beards.

As everybody knows, the 13 dwarves are comprised of Thorin, Gloin, Fili, Kili, Barrel Obelix Guy, James Nesbitt and, er, all the rest . I imagine we'll get to know them a bit more intimately in the game, which incidentally only covers the first two films.

Lego The Hobbit will be out this Spring. (Ta, PCGamesN .)

Tom Sykes

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