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LEGO Millennium Falcon is at its lowest price ever

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The LEGO Millennium Falcon kit is at its lowest price ever of $479 for Black Friday. That's 40% off and, yes, it is still pretty steep for a toy. But have you seen how much LEGO costs these days? It's all expensive.

And if you're a LEGO collector and a Star Wars fan this might just be worth it. it looks just like the adorable blocky Falcon from the LEGO Star Wars games. 

Look, I love Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Episode 1: Racer and I spent most of last weekend figuring out which poncho looked best in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (it's the camouflage one), but if you put a blaster to my head and asked me what the best Star Wars game is I would say "Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from 2005" and you would shoot me for lying because the answer is really LEGO Star Wars and everybody knows it.

So yeah, you should buy this 7,541-piece LEGO kit that comes with a Dejarik table and two sets of crew—a classic Han, Chewie, Leia, and C-3PO set and a modern Rey, Finn, and old Han set. The thing's 33 inches long and weighs about 17 pounds, good lord.

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon | $479 (save $520)

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon | $479 (save $520)
The cheapest price this deluxe new version of the LEGO Millennium Falcon has ever been. Between the price and the 7,541 pieces, this one's for adult model builders.

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