League of Legends' pre-season update to focus map vision, late game growth

League of Legends' third season recently ended with a shocking cliffhanger, as Ziggs was revealed to be the lovechild of Gragas, who had himself been framed for the horrific slaughter of hundreds of minions. None of that is true, but I know more about TV than sport, and so like to pretend that LoL's seasonal shifts relate to that instead. As we head towards the new pre-season, Riot have been running through the balance changes that will arrive along with it.

But will Season 4 of League of Legends be comparable to any season of 24, where small tweaks are made to the same basic formula; or will it be more like the last season of Fringe, with all of the existing plot lines abandoned for something really dumb? Well, dumber . A new video by Riot explains what to expect.

The basic philosophy is to alter the way vision works, and to address the late game slump that's been identified among support and jungle heroes. For vision, Riot are shifting the responsibility for ward placements away from individual players, and to the team as a whole. You can read about those changes in more detail here .

Elsewhere, alterations are being made to encourage late game comebacks. That includes a change to inhibitors, so that only minions in that lane are buffed. For a full rundown of what's planned, head over to Riot's introductory pre-season post .

Phil Savage

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