Get a sneak peek at League of Legends' 2019 Halloween skins

This isn't a Halloween skin, but we needed something spooky for the header image, OK? (Image credit: Riot)

It's October, which means Halloween is on the way, which means every game on earth is going to make some money by selling us images of classic horror monsters plastered on and stretched over characters with completely different anatomies. It's my favorite time of year. 

But, credit where it's due, League of Legends' 2019 Halloween skins are actually pretty cool—oh no, it's working, I'm converting in-game currencies to cash and thinking about my account balance. Between Destiny 2 and Apex Legends, I gotta stay on my toes. Anyway, via YouTuber SkinSpotlights and the League of Legends PBE, here's a quick look at all the spooky skins Riot is offering on the bloody mantel this year. Before we do, a quick note: we're not sure how much they'll cost, so don't get too glassy-eyed quite yet. 

I'm diggin the Witch's Brew Blitzcrank. Kinda makes me hot and bubbly, thinking I'm a tool to be used by a powerful witch, cursing people, my innards getting digested. Uhhhhh—

Count Kassadin's coffin and vampire get-up is a bit more typical. He's a vampire. With a coffin. Woooo. Bewitching Miss Fortune summons a big jack-o-lantern friend, which is cute as hell. I've always wanted a large pumpkin steed. Getting up on a pumpkin with a face, riding around, being bad.

No word on when these puppies hit the store and loot pool, but we'd wager it's going to happen before October 31. Don't ask how we know. 

James Davenport

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