League of Legend's Akali champion and nurse skin raise over $160,000 for Red Cross

akali nurse

Two weeks ago, Riot Games announced that players could donate money to the Red Cross by purchasing the Akali champion or her Nurse skin between March 21 and 27: all proceeds from the sale of the champion and the skin during that time would be donated directly to the Red Cross to aid relief efforts in Japan. Over the course of those six days, LoL players raised over $160,000.

The skin and champion each cost exactly $7.50 worth of Riot Points (the in-game currency). According to my back-of-the-napkin math, that means that the skin/champion were bought roughly 21,657 times over the six-day period! What's even more impressive is that the skin and champion had already been available for awhile before the fundraiser, so the players that bought them during that six-day period were likely primarily interested in donating.

As an interesting aside, the $160,000 total raised for the Red Cross by LoL players matches the same pace of Team Fortress 2's Hats-for-Japan fundraiser , which raised $300,000 in six days. EVE Online players also raised over $40,000 for the Red Cross. Well done, gamers!