Kyle MacLachlan joins Amazon's Fallout TV series

Kyle MacLachlan
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Amazon has added a trio of new names to the cast of its upcoming Fallout television series, according to a new Variety report, which says that Xelia Mendes-Jones, Aaron Moten, and Kyle MacLachlan—yes, that Kyle MacLachlan—have all signed on to play regular roles.

Mendes-Jones and Moten are relative unknowns. The report says Mendes-Jones just finished a stint at the Identity School of Acting in 2021, and she only has two credits to her name on IMDB: An appearance in the online comedy sketch show Sans Comic, and a small role in the 2022 flick Havoc. 

Motem's CV is beefier, with short film and television appearances stretching as far back as 2006. In fact, he had a shot at serial TV stardom in the US in 2014 when he appeared as a forensic scientist in the backdoor pilot for NCIS New Orleans, but he was replaced in the actual show by Sebastian Lund.

MacLachlan, on the other hand, is very well known. He starred as Paul Atreides in David Lynch's infamous 1984 bomb Dune, but found success with Lynch several years later in the acclaimed television series Twin Peaks. He's appeared in dozens of films and television shows in the years since, and he has a notable videogame credit to his name, too: He voiced multi-billionaire Love Media owner Donald Love in Grand Theft Auto 3.

MacLachlan, Mendes-Jones, and Moten join previously-announced cast members Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell. Roles for the actors have not been announced, but Goggins is reportedly playing a ghoul (or, possibly, someone named Ghoul). When last we heard, the show was in pre-production, and while a debut date hasn't been announced we don't expect it to arrive until sometime in mid-2023.

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