Kova is a super stylish sci-fi metroidvania, crowdfunding next week

Set in a "distant, technologically advanced future" where humankind has colonised planets across far-off galaxies, Kova is a metroidvania-style RPG that looks gorgeous. It's on Greenlight right now and is running a crowdfunding campaign next week. It's also got this trailer: 

Filling the space boots of roving mercenary Kova Rimor—who is, by developer Black Hive Media's description, "on her way to her next payday"—Kova sees you siding with one of three factions, each with their own perks, missions and dialogue options. 

You'll craft your own ship upgrades, ammo and items, and engage in "FPS-like" combat which allows you to aim and control the trajectory of your fire. Side missions net you credits which in turn can be used to upgrade your loadouts, and the different planets you'll wander with Rimor each have their own distinct atmospheres. 

"You’re Kova Rimor, a space mercenary on her way to the next payday," explains Black Hive. "You happen across a foreign beacon when your ship is interdicted by another ship and crash lands on an uninhabited, icy planet. What is the mystery behind this beacon? Where does it come from? As you unravel its story and contents, you might find an answer to the most perplexing question of all: 'Why have humans been alone in the Universe?'

"Investigating the mystery behind this alien-like beacon, players will explore different planets and interact with allies and foes alike that may push them to change tactics, battling hostile forces and taking on side missions to increase the abilities of their weapons, suit and ship."

No release date as yet, however this will likely be revealed during Kova's imminent Kickstarter campaign. Here's a smattering of screens to tide you over till then.