Konami wants in on Fall Guys with its Metal Gear-themed outfits

(Image credit: Konami)

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has proved to be quite the hit, so much so that the brands have seen the beacon in the fog and come knocking to share in the battle royale's reflected glory. Walmart suggests this crap vest as an outfit, while someone at KFC spent a bit more time designing this mildly horrifying skin that transforms you into Colonel Sanders wearing, I think, an egg costume?

(Image credit: KFC)

Both of which make Konami's designs look even better. The company behind Metal Gear Solid has pitched three Fall Guys outfits based on Solid Snake's classic costumes from MGS 1-3, and they're kind of adorable. It would be fun to see these included the game, and given that Fall Guys is published by the mavericks at Devolver, it's not inconceivable that it might happen.

Fall Guys does feature unlockable outfits, some available by playing the game, some that you can snatch up via the in-game shop, and some that were given out as pre-release bonuses, including skins based on Half-Life and Hotline Miami.

Fall Guys is being updated today with a new level (or rather an old level that was previously in the beta). We reviewed it a couple of days ago, calling it an "exceedingly cute yet still occasionally tense party royale."

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