Killing Floor 2 shows off new shrink ray and nautical map in Tidal Terror trailer

If you have a hankering to hunt zeds in a nautical location, we have an announcement for you: in today's PC Gaming Show, developer Tripwire Interactive showed off the latest update headed to Killing Floor 2 this summer, Tidal Terror.

In Tidal Terror you'll find yourself in the precarious position of being surrounded by gory specimens while out at sea, alongside an arsenal of new guns and gadgets to protect yourself with. I suppose it's not that precarious if you know how to use them, and luckily for you there are many exciting new additions to get familiar with on your cruise.

New weapons include:

  • Shrink Ray (previously called the Reducto Ray)
  • Sentinel
  • Crossboom
  • Head Hunter

The Shrink Ray sure sounds excellent: the thought of a tiny zed running around is somehow both adorable and slightly more terrifying than a big one. Though in the beta patch Tripwire noted the Shrink Ray was originally too powerful, so perhaps the release version will be a little lighter on the zed-killing power. The Sentinel should at least take care of little pests, as it looks to be a powerful new automated drone weapon (it's a support weapon, however, rather than a primary one).

I hope you don't get sea sick or suffer from thalassophobia, as Tidal Terror is set on an oil rig located off the coast of Scotland in the East Shetland Basin of the North Sea. You will at least be able to dress appropriately for the occasion: there's a new old-school deep-sea diver outfit coming with this update.

You can see many of the new weapons and the map in greater detail in the trailer above. For more, check out the official site or Tripwire's forums. There's no exact word on a release date for Tidal Terror just yet, but with this new trailer and recent update betas, the latest of which ends with the final release of this summer update, it can't be too far off.

There's heaps more coming out of the PC Gaming Show right now, so head over to this page to catch all the announcements.

Jacob Ridley
Senior Hardware Editor

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