Killing Floor 2: Tactical Response update is now live

The Killing Floor 2 Tactical Response update is now live, bringing new SWAT perks and weaponry to the game, a new map, tweaks to existing perks and Zed resistances, plus new achievements and loyalty rewards. 

The SWAT perk adds the FN P90, MP7, MP5RAS, and Kriss Vector submachineguns to the game, along with a flashbang grenade that carries a high chance of stunning Zeds, and a tactical knife, for when the situation gets really out of hand. Which seems to be pretty much always. A new “elite” variant of the Horzine Security Armor and Horzine 9mm pistol will also be given to everyone who plays Killing Floor 2 during early access, and there's a new set of "cardboard armor" that will be available for purchase in a new cosmetic bundle. 

The new map, called Infernal Realm, is actually a community creation that's been adopted into the official lineup. The title offers a pretty good hint of what to expect, as players will face off against Zeds “surrounded by bones, hanging corpses, brimstone, and hellfire. And the trader is a totem made of bones. That can't be a good sign.”

Almost all of the pre-existing perks have been tweaked to some extent, but Tripwire said Firebug, Support, and Medic were given more attention than most in order to better balance their skills. “Zeds have also had their resistances revised, their movement and evasion tactics made more challenging, and their spawn groups adjusted, creating a much more intense experience on higher difficulty levels,” it said. “And watch out for Hans. Really. He's been at the gym or something.” 

The full Killing Floor 2: Tactical Response update changelog is available on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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