Killing Floor 2: Halloween Horrors free update adds a new map, missions, and the Dosh Vault

The Killing Floor 2 Halloween Horrors content pack, with a new map and achievements, a pair of new weapons, a new (actually returning) enemy and boss, limited-time Halloween themed unlockables, daily missions, and the Dosh Vault, is now live—and free—on Steam.

The new map, called Nightmare, features randomized rooms "themed after a different nightmare or phobia," which will challenge players to "conquer their fears and the attack Zeds simultaneously." Because nothing says "overcoming your fear of public speaking" like a desperate, gore-soaked last stand against onrushing hordes of screaming mutants, right? 

Actually, it might. Having your face chewed on really puts things in perspective. 

Anyway, the full Halloween Horrors patch notes are up on the Killing Floor 2 forums, but here's the quick rundown: 

  • New Map – Nightmare lives up to its name, dropping players into random rooms representing a variety of nightmares and phobias and tasking players to holdout against waves of Zeds.
  • New Weapons – Medics get up close and very personal with the Hemogoblin, which drills into Zeds, draining their blood leaving emaciated corpses in their wake. Demolitionists receive their own high-tech in the Seeker Six, a rocket launcher that brings the ability to lock on to enemies and fire up to six rockets simultaneously.
  • New Enemies – King Fleshpound and the Quarter Pounds cannot be contained and have broken out of the Poundemonium weekly game mode! Both enemies have been rebalanced for their introduction into survival game mode and will appear in normal play.
  • New Limited Time Items – Earn Halloween Treat Tickets by playing the game, or purchasing Premium tickets through the store, and exchange them in-game for themed cosmetic items.
  • New Daily Missions and Dosh Vault System – Players will receive a random set of missions each day that can be completed to earn Vault Dosh. While it won’t be usable to purchase items during matches, players will receive free Vault Crates containing cosmetic items at various milestones as their Vault Dosh accumulates.
  • New Crates – New Emote, Weapon Skin, and Cosmetic crates have been added to the drop pool.

Killing Floor 2: Halloween Horrors is live now, and as I mentioned, is free. Enjoy the trailer.

Andy Chalk

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